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How to Create a Social Media Profile For Your Business

As a startup or small business owner, you have to be smart with the resources you have. Oftentimes, traditional marketing doesn’t exactly fall within your budget. That’s why social media is a great alternative in generating the results you want to achieve. It’s not only low-cost, but it also gives you direct exposure to current […]

The 12 Best Startup Accounts To Follow On Twitter

The Startup Garage team scoured Tweeter to bring you 12 diverse Startup resources full of rich content, active engagement, and follower traction worth following. 1.Funders and Founders@FundersFounders 19.7k followers Are you a visual learner? @FundersFounders easily explains Startup Entrepreneurship visually through simple, fun, informative infographics that will help you thrive as an Entrepreneur. 2. Tech […]

5 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversion

Landing Page Optimization from The Startup Garage

Trying to maintain high web visibility is difficult. Trying to gain high levels of conversions once you have high web visibility is even harder. For any business to succeed, they need to have a high conversion rate which isn’t always easy considering that they only have a few seconds to capture a visitor’s attention. If […]

Getting the Most Out of Your Digital Marketing Campaign

DIgital Marketing Strategy from The Startup Garage

Let’s face it, most small business owners don’t have a clue about what it takes to run a successful Internet marketing campaign. With smartphones and Internet searches taking the place of traditional advertising, it has become harder than ever to break through to new customers. Loyal patrons of small business establishments are leaving their old […]