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What Startups Got Funded In May?

Startups That Got Funded In May from The Startup Garage

May Monthly Startup Wrap-up.

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May 1st Bookbub the bargain bin for ebooks, secured $3.8 million in it’s first round of funding.

May 3rd Waggl the startup survey app inspired by honeybees,
secured $1 millionin funding.

May 5th Automattic which runs, became a billion-dollar company, thanks to a new $160 millionin funding.

May 5th PearSports which acts like a human personal trainer, secured $5 millionin a second round of funding.

May 6th Allclasses an education startup, closed a $1.5 million dollar round of funding.

May 6th Flux a top-secret spinout from Google X, landed $8 millionin venture funding.

May 12th Adform an Ad-Tech Startup , that creates rich media display ads, raised $5.5 million in funding.

May 13th Bitpay a Bitcoin startup, secured $30 million, to provide business solutions for merchants.

May 14th FanTV a startup set to revolutionize cable, tuned into $8.3 million in funding.

May 15th Uber the app that delivers you sophisticated car service, raised a new round of funding estimated at $350 million .

May 19th Autopilot a marketing Automation Company, grabbed $7 milllon in new funding.

May 20th Sumologic a log management app, pulled in $30 million in funding.

May 20th Centrify a cloudbased I.D. service raises $42 million in funding.

May 21st LiveOakVenturePartners an early stage lead investors, secureed $109 milion in investment funding.

May 27th AverInfomatics a health care billing system startup, secured $8.5 million.

May 28th MessageBus a custom email platform, raised $4 million in funding.


May was a momentous month for the 16 startups listed above.
Uber, ranked supreme, securing the top $ investment of $350 million bringing the company’s validation to an estimated $3.5 billion.


From Education Startups to Cable TV Startups, a common theme remains amongst those that secured investment, they all provide innovative solutions to modern day inconveniences.

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