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This book covers the fundamentals for creating an effective business plan. However you choose to execute the writing and research, it is important to understand all the moving parts of your business and how they work together. Business Plan Basics will cover each of the sections with:


The time it should take to complete


Key questions to ask


Information you will need


Insights on putting it together to achieve your goal

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Tyler Jensen CEO and Founder of The Startup Garage

“Starting a business is a very personal experience. I’m a serial entrepreneur and have started and helped start over one hundred businesses. I have a special interest in high-growth startups and have made it my objective to understand what it is investors look for when evaluating the potential of a business. My goal is to coach entrepreneurs in scaling their startups while maintaining the work/life balance and achieving personal goals. In this book, I share my business plan writing process to start you off in the right direction.”

— Tyler Jensen, Founder & CEO

In 2008, Tyler founded The Startup Garage to help entrepreneurs and business owners achieve success in their business ventures, as well as their lives. Tyler is a serial entrepreneur, having launched or help launch over 100 companies, including non-profits and social enterprises. He has developed an extensive network of business relationships focused on achieving the milestones investors care about.