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Stage 6 of Non-Profit Incorporation: Dissolution

Non-Profit Dissolution from The Startup Garage

If the time comes that your non-profit has accomplished its mission or you need to dissolve the non-profit for other reasons, consult your state’s Attorney General web page for detailed instructions on the steps to follow.  If your non-profit is incorporated in California, follow the steps outlined below.

Decision to Dissolve

  • Can be done by a vote of the board of directors or by a majority of the corporation.
  • Prepare a Certificate of Election to Wind Up and Dissolve and a Certificate of Dissolution.

File a final state tax return

  • Inform the state tax board of your status as dissolved.

Obtain Dissolution Waiver from the Attorney General for asset disposition

  • As the assets of a non-profit are held in public trust, there are specific rules that guide the distribution of the dissolved non-profit’s assets in accordance to the stated purpose.

Submit a Final Notice of Submission to the Secretary of State’s office and the Attorney General’s office

Find the California government’s detailed information page here for the Attorney General’s page or here for Secretary of State’s page.

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