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Stage 5 of Non-Profit Incorporation: Sustain

Sustain Legal Non-Profit from The Startup Garage

File Annual Registrations with the IRS

  • IRS Form 990, Return of Organizations Exempt from Income Tax, is the most detailed and misunderstood filing for non-profits.  It is a complete documentation of an organization’s financial history and is often used to hold the organization accountable for its past actions and future decisions.  Recent rulings by the IRS state that nonprofit organizations must make their Form 990 and applications for tax-exempt status widely accessible and available to anyone upon request.

File Periodic Registrations with your state of incorporation

  • In California, a biennial Statement of Information can be submitted on Form SI-100.
  • For all other states, search for your state’s Statement of Information form online.  The form can also be called the Biennial Statement or the Annual Report.
  • In California, charitable corporations with gross revenues of over $2 million must prepare annual financial statements and have them audited by an independent certified public accountant (CPA).
  • For financial reporting requirements in other states, please look at the National Association of State Charity Officials website.

Apply for bulk mail permit at your local post office

  • Non-profits can receive a discount on their outgoing mail expenses.

Understand and comply with your state’s ethics and accountability laws

  • In California, the Nonprofit Integrity Act is available here.  In other states, consult your state Attorney General’s web site.


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