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Stage 4 of Non-Profit Incorporation: State Filing

State Filing Non-Profit Incorporation from The Startup Garage

Once all your federal forms have been filed, you can move on towards your state-specific forms. Each state varies in what type of forms they need submitted for non-profit organizations but a few of the typical forms include:

Application for state tax exemption

  • California requires a separate application for exemption from state taxes: Form 3500
  • For other states, search for state tax exemption in your state or look at your state’s Department of Revenue web site.  All state’s DoRs are listed here.

Application for a tax identification number

Register for permission to solicit funds for your organization and with the Registry of Charitable Trusts

  • The Registry manages and oversees the financial reports of charitable trustees and fundraising organizations. You can register at the Office of the Attorney General.
  • In California, forms are available on the Attorney General’s web site.

Filing your Statement of Information

  • This is your public disclosure of principle business activity and location, as well as the name of the CEO and other managers  The Statement of Information must be re-filed periodically.
  • In California, Form LLC-12.

To check what state specific files affect you and your organization, click here to learn more.


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