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Social Media for Startups

Social Media for Startups from The Startup Garage

The global social media frenzy continues to gain momentum each and every day. The impact that social media popularity has had on the business world is immense.  Most startups and existing companies can no longer justify staying away from the trend because the benefits are too many. We will discuss these benefits and provide some strategies on how to get the most out of your social media endeavors.

Now that internet access is commonplace in almost every corner of the world, your customers are closer to you than ever before. In the past, businesses had to employ many different techniques to get the attention of the general public. Strategies like direct mail marketing and door to door canvassing of target neighborhoods. These techniques were often very costly and difficult to analyze the results of, and are no longer relevant. Currently, with the average American Facebook user currently spending six hours per month browsing the network, your customers are actively looking for what they are interested in and passionate about, and you have a great opportunity to reach out to them.

Because it is the most popular social network, we will use Facebook as an example of how to employ social media strategies to gain momentum for your startup. You have already set up your Facebook page for your business and are starting to attract fans of your page. Your goal now is to be able to engage the people who “like” your page and get them to interact with you on a consistent basis.

The first way to do this is to humanize your venture. This can be done simply by updating your pictures regularly. Add new albums, take pictures with your satisfied customers and showcase them to the rest of your fans. If you host an event, be sure to upload pictures from the event so that your fans see that you are real people, not just a company with no face.

Another great way to bolster positive interaction on your Facebook page is to have a sense of humor. People enjoy laughter, this is as inherent as the existence of gravity. If you make people laugh, they will associate happiness and joy with your business, and that is a connection that any business owner would love to have.

A very good way to get your fans involved with your page to pose questions directly to them. Asking questions that will stimulate your fans and create a reaction amongst each other over responses is a great way to increase overall participation on your page.

Social Media strategies are all about creating a buzz and a brand identity for your business. Remember that you should never be using social media just for the sake of it. You need to develop clear goals that you hope to achieve through the implementation of your strategies, and these goals should tie into your business plan.  Social Media is an extremely potent tool to growing and developing your business, so harness that power and use it wisely, and your customers as well as your bottom line will thank you for doing so.

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