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What Shark Tank teaches us about Pitch Decks

The Shark Tank San Diego From The Startup Garage

The show Shark Tank has taken America by storm, pulling in top viewer numbers and sparking a new interest into small business, entrepreneurs, and big time investors.

But whats more interesting than the entertainment factor of Shark Tank is the educational factor – Shark Tank visually shows us what types of pitches grab the attention, and money, of a potential investor.

Lessons Learned:

1. Know your numbers.

2. Be a good marketer.

3. Be humble.

4. Understand good timing.

5. Have a good story.

6. Be prepared to walk.

7. Be personable.

To read the full article, with in-depth analysis of each lesson learned, visit FastCompany. And if you are interested in created a pitch deck for potential investors, we at The Startup Garage specialize in doing just that. Contact us today!


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