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Fast SBA Loans through SBA Express

Express SBA Loans from The Startup Garage

The express loan programs were designed streamline the lending process for quick turn-around loans for particular groups of borrowers. The SBA also makes lower interest rates available to Express loan borrowers.

Loan Types

  1. SBA Express Loans are designed for small business owners.  The estimated response time to the application process is within 36 hours.
  2. Patriot Express Loans are made available to veterans and active-duty service members to start or expand a small business.  These loans secure the lowest interest rates available ranging from 2.25 – 4.75 percent over prime depending on amount and duration.
  3. Export Express programs were designed to assist small business exporters.  There are 3 specific types of loans available to help exporters, depending on their need and type of operation.


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