Is San Diego Poised To Be The Next Silicon Valley?

San Diego Next Silicon Valley? From The Startup Garage
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Since the 1980’s Silicon Valley has dominated the startup scene, a place to call home to many of the world’s largest technology corporations, as well as thousands of small Startups.

San Diego, although only a few hundred miles from the Silicon Valley, it is a vastly different world, full of sun, surf, and laid-back dispositions.

However, that might all be about to change…

New Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

A conglomeration of a number of economic conditions and consumer trends has launched a new entrepreneurial ecosystem in the U.S, specifically in San Diego.

On March 2014 San Diego, was recognized as Forbes Best Places To Launch A Startup in 2014

Forbes prides itself on providing world business leaders with strategic insight and information, and is perhaps best known for its lists and rankings. This list is certainly worth paying attention to, especially as a startup entrepreneur.

How exactly did “America’s Finest City” for surfing and sun come out on top?

“San Diego managed to come on top for launching a startup because of its “heavy concentration in projected high growth industries, as well as a high likelihood of accepting credit cards and adopting social media. San Diego is home to the fifth-best rated business community in the country.” ~ Tom Post, Forbes Writer

As the 5th best rated business community, it’s San Diego’s unique combination of wireless, digital medicine, bioscience, action sports, and military contracting.

In the Startup world, where innovation means everything, diversity of interests and resources are key ingredients.

Kevin Faulconer, San Diego’s newly appointed mayor, among others is very optimistic for the city’s startup future;“We have great intellectual capital and great creative ideas. We are one of the most innovative cities in the country.”

Silicon Valley has shown the world how to build a vibrate, flourishing, startup ecosystem.

It now up to the entrepreneurial community with San Diego to actively build, demonstrate, and evolve a greater level of startup sophistication.

A great example of possibilities for the city is 3D Robotics, which based in San Diego. It is here that, former Wired Magazine editor in chief Chris Anderson’s drone manufacturing startup raised a $30 million Series B round of venture capital, as the company prepares to market its autonomous flying robots.

List of Notable SD Startups

Regardless of potential, it is fair to say San Diego is not going to surpass the Bay Area’s success over night. A thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem takes time to mature. There isn’t a mobile application to instantly fuel a community of startups into billion dollar tech giants.

2014 marks a tipping point for San Diego, a notable time of reshaping the technology startup scene both locally and globally.

San Diego is no longer simply a vacation destination. It is a destination for dynamic startup businesses, which are invested in assembling and transforming a community of entrepreneurs.

Our team at The Startup Garage are committed to serving our Startup Community of San Diego.

We are dedicated to helping make San Diego a better place to live, work, and play.

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