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Sales And Marketing Plan


During its first year, Vintage Home & Residential Care plans to have 3 long term residents. In its second year Vintage expects to bring in two additional residents, bringing the total to five long term residents.


Marketing goals for Vintage will be fairly modest. Due to the long term relationship Vintage expects to establish with clients, and the limited capacity, there will not be a need for an intensive, ongoing marketing campaign. The marketing goal for the first year is to build a waiting list of 10 prospective new residents. This will be done so that when year two begins, two candidates will be pre-screened and selected from the waiting list that has been built throughout the course of the first year. If there is an unexpected vacancy level at any given time during its operations a more active marketing strategy may be implemented as needed.


The Vintage Home & Residential Care target market includes senior citizens over the age of 60 that reside in the greater San Diego area. These customers need basic assistance with their daily routine. They are not critically ill, but may be on daily medication which will be administered by the facility if needed. This segment enjoys the company of others and is currently living alone or with family but would like to be part of an elderly adult community. Vintage’s target market will also include more needy residents who may suffer from Alzheimer’s or Dementia and need continuous supervision.


Vintage Home & Residential Care is a custom made assisted living home for elders who no longer prefer to, or are unable to live on their own. Vintage accepts individuals with either insurance or financial stability that may be ambulatory or non-ambulatory and that are in need of social interaction. Vintage provides an upscale six bed assisted living facility with a variety of activities available and a friendly environment in the comfort of a home setting. Unlike our indirect competitors located outside of Bonita, Vintage offers an ideal climate for elders which varies only a few degrees between seasons. Vintage also offers a private courtyard, gated pool and jacuzzi, along with an array of activities available to our clients. Vintage stands out because of its ability to provide the high level quality care found in larger assisted living facilities in the comfort of a home-like environment. Vintage strives to build customer satisfaction by giving the highest level of care to its clients possible and increasing their overall quality of life.



In order to enforce a brand identity, Vintage wants customers to associate top notch hospitality, tranquility, and dependability with our name. Vintage wants people to think of trust, caring, and reliability when they hear our name. The way to get customers to associate these words with Vintage is to provide the highest possible level of care while building a reputable brand identity.


The Vintage logo was designed to appear comforting while incorporating elements that reflect the owner. The grapes in the logo provide a symbolic representation of the owner’s name, Alice Smith. The main goal of the logo design is to have the comforting feel of an orchard type setting that Vintage’s clients will be immersed in during their stay.

The tagline was created in order to accompany the logo and enhance the brand. The goal of making people feel comfortable carries over from the logo to the tagline: “Making you feel right at home”. This tagline assures both the client as well as their loved ones that they will be taken care of as if it were their own home, which portrays the high level of care that will be provided.


Vintage will be executing a competitive pricing strategy as compared to competitors in the Bonita area. Vintage’s pricing breakdown is as follows:


Vintage Home & Residential Care plans to promote its business primarily through strategic partnerships and online marketing. Vintage’s website will offer a full description of the different services offered, pictures of the actual facilities, and information about the owner and the vision/mission of the home. In addition, Vintage will strategically place the home into a variety of web directory listings. Vintage will target several locations for promotional and advertising needs, as well as seeking strategic partnerships with companies such as:

  • Hospital skilled nursing placement contacts
  • Home health nursing
  • Elder care law firms
  • Referral agencies
  • Elderly care website
  • Long-term insurance agents


Vintage will provide two resources for customer service:

– First, Vintage’s care staff will be on call to provide direct and immediate response to questions and concerns of guests at all times.

– Second, administrators will be available to answer questions from guests’ family or any other inquiries through the phone or by email.

Residents are encouraged to make any grievance known to the administrator of the facility as well as contact family members or other concerned party members.

Lastly, residents can also call the following numbers:

– Community Care Licensing: (619) 767-2300

– Adult Protective Services: (800) 510-2020

– Ombudsman – Long term Care: (800) 640-4661

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