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Product and service description


Vintage Home & Residential Care provides assisted living solutions for senior adults. The Vintage mission is to provide a healthy and safe environment enabling senior adults to enjoy as much independence as possible. Vintage provides assistance to seniors in their activities of daily living which includes assisting with medicine, meals, reminders, personal grooming, physical therapy, etc. However, we also provide an opportunity for entertainment, companionship, and activities which enable seniors to find fulfillment and utilize their special gifts and talents. A goal of Vintage is to service seniors with residential care that provides the best of both worlds — a private home environment that combines the companionship and activities that a larger facility affords.

Vintage Home & Residential Care is a care facility for seniors owned and operated by Alice Smith. It is located in the beautiful Bonita area of San Diego County. The residence provides maximum care for seniors while promoting independent living with the support of a well-trained staff. Vintage has the capacity to hold up to 6 residents. Most rooms have private access to one of the many patio areas in the residence. The rooms are furnished with all of the basic amenities; including furniture, linens, and toiletries. Vintage provides cleaning and laundry services on weekly basis for all residents; however, if a resident prefers, the laundry room is available for use by the residents.

Residents will have access to a swimming pool and spa which is equipped with an ADA compliant lift for seniors with difficulties entering the pool or spa area. The pool is fenced in for the safety of the residents. There are several common room areas including two living areas, two dining areas, and a large kitchen. A patio extends around the entire home affording many private areas where residents can visit or have time of solitude. Beautiful gardens surround the home which overlooks a view of the hills of Bonita. There is a raised garden where seniors can exercise their talents at gardening and a courtyard with a fountain and sitting area for others. The more active seniors can spend time with table tennis, croquet, horseshoes, WII, or other activities that are appealing to the guests.

Vintage will provide 3 meals and 2 snacks per day. Reminders will be provided for those residents who are able to manage their own medication. If a resident manages their own medication, a locked container will be provided in the resident’s room for the purpose of safely storing medication. Medications will be locked and secured in a centrally located area for those residents who prefer or require the assistance of the staff. Transportation to medical appointments will be available as needed by the resident.

Monthly pricing at Vintage has a base of $3,500 per month, with additional monthly fees for certain products and services listed below. There is also a one-time pre-admission fee of $2,000.



As individuals get older they may start to lose mobility and need constant assistance with their daily activities. This is troublesome for the loved ones of the individuals who are unable to leave their busy schedules to continuously assist them, or lack the knowledge and ability to help them.

Vintage Home & Residential Care offers a solution and relief for clients with special need seniors. Vintage takes the responsibility of tending to the elderly and making their transition to late life comfortable and easy. The benefit of this service enables seniors to be well taken care of while still leading an active life, and gives family members peace of mind.


Vintage is located in an ideal climate in the community of Bonita, California. Seniors experience pleasant conditions of a combination of coastal and inland valley climates. Staying warmer and sunnier during “May Gray” and “June Gloom” periods, the area is also not as hot during summer and spring seasons. This is perfect for seniors who may suffer arthritis, joint problems, or are susceptible to colds.


The liabilities in a senior care home facility are high if not taken seriously. Initially, in order to be an established facility the owner must adhere to local and federal regulations of the home. Once implemented, owners ensure that nurses, staff members and residents are being taken care of and treated cautiously.

The death of a resident due to malpractice or negligence of a member can lead to a serious lawsuit against the individual and/or establishment.

In response to reports of widespread neglect and abuse in senior care homes in the 1980’s, congress passed a legislation act in 1987. Some of the requirements include a sufficient nursing staff, developing a comprehensive care plan for each resident, and preventing the deterioration of a resident’s ability to bathe, dress, groom, eat, and communicate.1

Additionally, a facility must have all the necessary precautions in order to safe guard the health of residents. Gates must be enforced if hosting a resident with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Bathrooms must have grips and handles in order to prevent any falls that can lead to serious injuries while bathing.


An area of future development that Vintage may pursue would be opening a second facility after several years of operation in the current home. This second location would offer the same quality of service and would ensure residents a high quality of lifestyle while staying at the facility.

Below is a table of various scenarios Vintage Homes & Residential Care is prepared for in the coming years.

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