Key Management

The licensee and RCFE Administrator role is held by Alice Smith to manage business operations. Nita Hodges will fill the roles of Assistant RCFE Administrator and Nutritionist.

CEO/RCFE Administrator – Alice Smith

Board of Advisors

The following positions will be part of the board of advisors.

Business Owner – Tom Durrance

Medical Administrator – Katy Scheneberg

Nurse – Unknown

Lawyer – Unknown

Accountant – Unknown

Board of Directors

Nita Hodges and Roseanne Nobbs will be part of the Board of Directors.

Professional Service Providers

Vintage Home & Residential Care will be using services by Steve Haskins & Associates Law Firm located in Bonita.

Law Firm – Steve Haskins and Associates

Handyman – Tommy Zuniga

Housekeeper – Mary Islans

Pool Service – Ambar Pools

Groundskeeper – Pedro Morales

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