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Operations Plan


Our customers are located in the United States and are all online. Our competitors are United States based online suppliers of yoga mats and related products. All of our California sales are taxed. The community lifestyle that makes up our customer base are those located within the United States that have started to embrace the movement to “Go Green”, the more recent trend of yoga, and also that of conveniently shopping online.

There are two physical locations of our facilities. One office is located in Solana Beach, California and another in Pacific Beach, California. Our relation with our vendors is not related to our physical locations because we drop-ship and do not need vendors to physically come to us. There is no stock carried at these locations so no customers come to them.


Hunter Jensen, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and his team of 1-2 staff handle software development and some marketing at the Pacific Beach office. Tyler Jensen and his team of 1-2 staff handle marketing, operations and customer service at the Solana Beach office

Training is done through an operation manual that is kept for all operations for new staff to review and become up-to date with all current practices.


The merchandise category of Go Green Yoga Mats is an online direct selling specialty store. The product line currently consists of yoga mats but will soon be expanding to include clothing, dvds and other entertainment, and more yoga related accessories. We provide a unique competitive advantage through our top of the line, extremely high quality and environmentally friendly yoga mats and products. The major activities that make up our product line through the merchandising process include search engine optimization (SEO) and social media optimization (SMO). SEO is worked on daily by our tech team in Pacific Beach and is scaled as we grow. SMO is done on a daily basis by the Solana Beach team to gain product awareness and grow our brand. Our product selection is done through margins of upwards of 20% and a minimum of $10. Research within our categories determined our pricing through costs of shipping, drop-shipping, and the actual goods that we sell. No products are stored in-house, as all are drop-shipped from the manufacturers. Our orders are handled by one intern who takes care of customer service calls and emails and also fulfills orders.


All GGYM sales are done over the phone or are placed online through ebay and through our website with a valid credit card currently through do-it order. Eventually, this will be done on net 30–90 day payment terms with our vendors. We only ship within the United States and customers receive their orders within two to five days of order placement. Refunds are handled through our customer service intern. We do not manage any inventory as all products are drop-shipped from our vendors. Our website is updated and organized as to size, color, and availability on an as-needed basis.


Go Green Yoga Mats does not carry inventory in-house. Orders are drop-shipped from the manufacturers. They use a computer database in order to keep track of the products that the manufacturer has in stock, the specs on each product (color, size, etc.) and to track how much of what is sold and how often. The computers do most the other work when it comes to re-ordering and keeping the supply consistent.


Quality control and customer service are done through refunds and response to questions by email and phone within a timely manner.

Unhappy customers email us reporting their problems and we then contact the vendor with the issue. Money is returned unless the product has been used or destroyed by the customer.


Accounting, customer service, marketing, and order fulfillment are handled by Tyler Jensen and a team of three to four at the Solana Beach office.

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