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Marketing Plan


Go Green Yoga Mats will focus on the following online marketing strategies in order to reach its goals of increasing website traffic by at least 15% each month.

Online Marketing Strategies

Go Green Yoga Mats will develop a social media presence via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in order to establish a dialogue with customers and create a sense of community around the brand. Sales will take place on the Go Green Yoga Mats website, Go Green Yoga Mats will continually undergo SEO strategies to improve search engine rankings and will experiment with various PPC advertising on Google and Facebook to drive traffic.

Online Marketing Goals

Goal 1 – Traffic Goals

To accomplish our traffic goals in November and December we will focus on both paid and unpaid online marketing tactics.

On Paid online advertising we will focus only on Google Adwords only. By using Adwords analytics we can monitor our impressions to clicks rate.

In terms of unpaid online marketing tactics, we will focus on SEO & blogging tactics. Future strategies could also involve Online PR, Social Media Strategies, & Viral Marketing Strategies.

Goal 2 – Conversion Rate

In the first few months we will be primarily focused on creating content and landing pages that match the users’ intent of arriving at the page. (Lower the bounce rate). Secondarily we will focus on converting the visitor to a sale by making the site easy to navigate, contain the correct information and highly visible calls to action.

Monitoring Results

Go Green Yoga Mats will monitor results through the following methods:

  • Analyze AdWords account. Test various ads, landing pages, keywords, and monitor bounce rate.
  • Survey customers after checkout (to gather info regarding their shopping experience, site navigation, etc) and once through a follow-up email three weeks after placing the order (to gather info on shipping, product quality, and customer satisfaction).
  • Track sales, leads, and visitors to your web site, percentage of sales to impressions through Google Analytics on a biweekly basis.
  • A/B testing, although not forecasted to be used in the first quarter of business, is being considered as a future tool


Go Green Yoga Mats seeks to meet the following sales goals.



We will position our product as eco-friendly, high quality, and fashionable. “We are not the Wal-Mart of yoga mats.” We will build customer satisfaction through customer service, fast delivery, and high quality products.



Ideal Customer Profile

Go Green Yoga Mats’ ideal customers are people that currently practice or plan to start practicing yoga. This group is made up of mostly women between the ages of 23-55, since they are the majority of the market. These consumers often make over $50,000 a year and are usually college graduates or have families. The consumers tend to practice yoga in order to bring them flexibility, stress relief, muscle tone and more. They are conscious of their effects on the environment and look to make a difference by purchasing more eco-friendly products. They are willing to do the research to find the best price and a company that they trust. These customers like the convenience of shopping online, but also the ability to get their questions answered when needed.

Core Message

Go Green Yoga Mats is a one-stop shop for eco-friendly yoga mats. Customers can compare the products and prices of the various brands they offer, and then choose which one to purchase. They will also use the website for additional information on yoga

Our green philosophy is not only represented by our selection of the best eco friendly mats but also by the foundations supported by our sales. For every Jade yoga mat we sell, the foundation Trees for the Future plants one tree. For every Manduka yoga mat sold, a donation is made to Off the Mat Into the World, a foundation that promotes taking lessons learned from yoga and applying them to help your local community and environment.




Go Green Yoga Mats has a customer service representative in place to take care of the majority of website and e-bay customer service needs. This person is in charge of handling consumer questions, whether through the company email ( or company phone number (1-800-783-6305). The consumer is kept in contact throughout the whole ordering process through email. Other customer service questions regarding the mats will be handled by Manduka and Jade Yoga customer service teams. In order to make sure delivery is quick Go Green Yoga Mats has an agreement with their suppliers that the products will be shipped out within 24 hours of receiving the order. The suppliers will send a confirmation with the tracking number to the intern when the item has been shipped. Go Green Yoga Mats asks their customers for feedback 2-3 weeks after their product has been received in order to make sure the process went smoothly and the consumers are satisfied.

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