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Competitive Overview

Go Green Yoga Mats is in the yoga industry and is focused on selling eco-friendly yoga products. Their main competition rests in companies that sell eco-friendly yoga mats, bags, and props. Go Green Yoga Mats products stand out compared to others by means of quality and by offering package deals. They also offer a variety of eco-friendly yoga mats for customers to compare.

Go Green Yoga Mats direct competitors are other online distributers of yoga products. Some of the competitors compile all the top brand names to sell on their sites. Consumers will continue to do more research on companies, products and pricing as more information is available to them online.

Direct Competitors: Gaiam, Barefoot Yoga,, Manduka and Jade Yoga.

Indirect Competitors: include all companies that sell yoga products, but do not offer green products, or sell their products online.

Indirect competition comes in many forms including offline retailers such as Wal-Mart and Target. They are indirect competitors that offer inexpensive yoga products with the appeal of instant gratification (no wait time to receive your product). However, the low-quality, short product life, and the lack of eco-friendliness create a consumer market that we are not targeting. Other indirect competitors include Amazon and Lululemon Athletica, which are large companies.

Market Share Analysis

Exact market size for online eco-friendly yoga stores is difficult to determine because many of these businesses are private. There are a small number of dominant organizations with significant market share, but most of these companies also have brick and mortar stores in addition to their online sales. The major organizations in the market include Lululemon Athletica, who has a brick and mortar store along with online shopping and net revenue increase 54.5% in the last year[1], and Gaiam and Amazon, who sell solely online. These stores are either well branded or have a wide variety of options, and have some focus on eco-friendly products. Many companies sell yoga products as part of a much wider line, such as Amazon, Wal-Mart, etc.

Direct Competitors

GoGreenYoga Gaiam Barefoot Yoga
Years in Business 0 20 10
Owner Tyler Jensen Jirka Rysavy Kelly LeFebvre
Est. # of Employees 4 70,000 Stores Domestically/20 Countries Distributed 30
Type of Entity Partnership Corporation Corporation
Yearly Sales N/A $263 Million ?
Company Headquarters San Diego, CA Boulder, CO Seattle, WA
# of Countries 

Carrying Brand

1 20 1
Average Price Per Mat $69.60 $34.00 $54.00
Average eco-friendly Package Price $185.50 does not offer eco-friendly packages $60 (includes mat and a pair of blocks only)

Networks/ Charities

Yoga World Online Linkshare Affiliate Network Facebook
Focus Eco-Friendly Mats & Packages Eco-Friendly Products/DVD’s/Solar Panels Yoga Products & Clothing
Target Market Eco Minded People who practice Yoga Eco-minded people in general Eco-Friendly yoga people


Distributor Manufacturing 73% Importing 27% Importing
Contact Info tyler@thenew (877) 989-6321 (877) 227-3366
Strengths Packages Size of Company/ Financial Status in Growth Focus strictly on yoga products/ simple, easy Website
Weaknesses Margins Low end selection of yoga products Advertising

Direct Competitors (cont.)

GoGreenYoga Yoga-Clothing. com Manduka JadeYoga
Years in Business 0 5 10 6
Owner Tyler Jensen ? Peter Sterios Dean Jerrehian
Est. # of Employees 4 20 25 9
Type of Entity Partnership Corporation LLC Corp.
Yearly Sales N/A ? ? $650,000
Company Headquarters San Diego, CA Ventura, CA San Luis Obispo, CA Conshohocken, PA
# of Countries 

Carrying Brand

1 1 8 7
Average Price Per Mat $69.60 $62.00 $69.60 $70.95
Average Eco-Friendly Package Price $185.50 does not offer packages $136.25 does not offer packages
Program/Networks/ Charities Yoga World Online Ambassadors Trees for the future
Focus Eco-Friendly Mats & Packages Yoga Clothing & Mats Yoga Mats & Products Yoga mats only
Target Market Eco Minded People who practice Yoga Eco-Friendly clothing buyers Eco-Friendly yoga people Eco-friendly yoga people


Distributor Importing Importing Made in the USA
Contact Info tyler@thenew (800) 620-9642 (805) 544-3744 (888)784-7237
Strengths Packages Focus strictly on Clothing/ Simple Website Website/ Distribution Program Simple/ easy site navigation
Weaknesses Margins Not enough info/ seems like company w/o experience Product Selection/Needs to add DVD Program Lack of accessories/ packages

Indirect Competitors

Luluemon Athletica Amazon Walmart Target
Name of Owner/CEO Christine Day Jeffrey P Bezos Michael Duke Gregg Steinhafel
Company Headquarters Vancouver, British Columbia Seattle, Washington Bentonville, Arkansas Minneapolis, MN
Year Founded 1998 1995 1962 1902
Contact Info 604-732-6124 1-866-216-1072 479-273-4000 (612) 304-6073
Website URL
Type of Entity Corporation Corporation Corporation Corporation
# of Locations/Stores 110 Online only 8,400 1,750
# of Employees 3,219 13,300 2,100,000 351,000
International Presence Yes Canada, USA, Australia, Japan Yes Canada, China, USA, France, Germany, Japan, UK 15 countries Only USA
Manufacturing, importing, distributing Sell in stores and online Sell online only Sell in stores and online Sell in stores and online
Product/Service Summary Athletic gear Large variety of products- from household goods to exercise equipment to books Large variety of products- from household goods to exercise equipment to books Large variety of products- from household goods to exercise equipment to books
Target Market Active women and men Online shoppers Discount shoppers Discount Shoppers
Estimated annual revenues for last 3 years 270 450 million 470-902 million 405 billion 63 65 billion
Pricing Yoga mats – Yoga mats Yoga mats Yoga mats
$28 — 90 dollars $13 — 100 dollars $12 — 50 dollars $19 — 70 dollars
Strengths Brand Variety of products, inexpensive online store Discount Store Discount Store
Weaknesses Specific brand for higher cost Online only + shipping costs Inexpensive lower quality product Inexpensive lower quality product

Competitive Advantages

Go Green Yoga Mats only carries organic, toxin free, naturally made mats with no exceptions. Their premium yoga mats are made with only all natural products, contain no harmful substances like PVC (polyvinyl chloride), and are lovingly crafted using sustainable green practices. Go Green Yoga Mats products stand out from their competitors due to their high quality and package deals. They offer a variety of eco-friendly yoga mats for customers to be able to compare to determine what option is best for them. The website also contains additional information about yoga so consumers can continue to gain more knowledge about the industry.

Barriers to Entry

There are few barriers to entry in the yoga product distribution industry, due to the nature of the industry and the organization being online. The most relevant barrier of entry for this organization would be brand recognition. Many of the organizations have very strong brands which get consumers attention and loyalty. Getting our name heard and our website viewed will be the main challenge, though our prices, packages, and quality of products will be on our side. Marketing and advertising are another potential barrier due to the size of the competition and the money they are willing to spend to get there brand noticed.

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