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Executive Summary

This business plan is written as an operational guide for internal management as well as to reveal Bamboo
YogaPlay’s investment opportunity for financial investors. This plan will show that: 1) a significant market
opportunity exists when analyzing the current market demands and competitive landscape; 2) the management
team set in place is well‐qualified to execute on a comprehensive operational, marketing and sales plan; and lastly
3) the correct capital structure will allow for a long lasting, profitable business.

Bamboo YogaPlay is an eco‐friendly resort that provides guests with an opportunity for adventure, retreat and
creative exploration in paradise. Established in 2007, the resort is located in the town of Dominical, Costa Rica, on
a riverfront property, with just a two‐minute walk from the beach. Dominical is located in the Southern Zone of
Costa Rica, which is currently a hot spot in a country where tourism is booming. Bamboo YogaPlay is an allinclusive
resort with amenities that feature yoga and movement arts classes, spa services and adventure tours.
The resort is also home to the Bamboutique, a retail store offering exclusive, high quality clothing and accessories.
The grounds include an open‐air yoga and movement studio. Additionally, Bamboo YogaPlay emphasizes ecofriendly
practices in all areas of the business. This is evidenced on site by eco‐friendly products, wastewater
treatment systems and use of recycled shipping containers and bamboo for construction. Shipping containers are
not only an environmentally friendly building material but also represent one of the least expensive and fastest
ways to build; bamboo is recognized a low‐impact, sustainable and inexpensive resource given its abundance and
rapid rate of growth.

Currently, Bamboo YogaPlay offers three guest rooms. The Bamboo YogaPlay Expansion Plan looks to develop
facilities to include 16 guest rooms and offer other amenities including a pool, restaurant and juice bar, as well as
upgrading existing facilities to accommodate a dedicated spa/massage room, a recording studio and more.
Bamboo YogaPlay has been operating since 2007, and has succeeded in creating the hippest retail store in Central
America, as well as generating significant popularity and an international reputation for excellence in group and
private movement arts classes.

The resort’s services focus on traditional and movement arts, providing expert training in yoga, dance and many
other movement related art forms. Classes are taught by some of the world’s foremost experts, and are available
as group classes, private classes and/or retreats. Many of these classes are taught by Bamboo YogaPlay’s Co‐
Founder Sofiah Thom, who offers classes, workshops and retreats for individuals or groups in yoga, dance and the
healing arts. Sofiah combines dance, yoga, breath work, expressive healing arts and Tantric Buddhism into her
work and has appeared as a performing artist and workshop facilitator at International events including the Bali
Spirit Festival, Bhakti Fest, Earth Dance, Envision Festival, Lightning in a Bottle and Subud World Congresses, as
well as many private workshops around the World for the last 10 years. She has been featured in Yogi Times,
International Living, Yoga Magazine, Conscious Dancer Magazine, Origin Magazine and Elephant Journal. Sofiah is
a prominent figure in the world of movement arts and has strong relationships with many of the most influential
leaders in these circles, providing a great advantage for Bamboo YogaPlay.

Brendan Jaffer‐Thom is the Co‐Founder of Bamboo YogaPlay. Having lived in Costa Rica for 20 years, Brendan has
significant experience in construction and project administration in Costa Rica. Brendan is the Founder and CEO of
Costa Rica Contractor, one of the premier developers of custom homes in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica. He has
founded several other companies in Costa Rica, including Jardines De Osa SA, Gaia Wireless SRL and Nexus Security
Services SA, all of which are related to the development and continued functionality of businesses and residences
in Costa Rica. Brendan also has a strong background in ecology and permaculture, which he implements into his
projects from the design stage forward.

The tourism industry in Costa Rica has been booming for decades. The northwest regions of the country have
been popular amongst tourists for years, but now many tourists have moved south. Tourism is a significant
economic force in Costa Rica, bringing in over $2 billion annually from 2.2 million visitors per year as of 2008. This
market is expected to grow by 8% annually through 2014. In such a large industry, competition is expected. There
are hotels and resorts throughout the country serving a variety of market needs, from 5 star resorts to budget
motels and hostels. There are other resorts in Costa Rica, such as Anamaya and Blue Spirit that offer similar
movement arts classes and an eco‐friendly environment. However, Bamboo YogaPlay’s paradise‐like location in
Dominical, expert staff and instructors, competitive pricing and high quality of service gives the resort the
advantages it needs to succeed.

Bamboo YogaPlay currently has a net worth of over $350,000 and expects massive growth after expansion. The
company expects revenues of $465,214 in its first full year after expansion, which will grow to $787,248 by its
fourth full year after expansion.

The Company is looking for $700,000 in equity funding from private investors. These funds will be used for the
costs of construction in expanding the resort from 3 to 16 rooms and upgrading its amenities. These funds will also
be used for initial operating costs, such as employees and marketing. Investors in Bamboo YogaPlay will have both
time‐share and profit share opportunities.

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