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Your Startups Pre-Launch Checklist (Part 1 of 14)

Pre-launch Checklist for Your Startup from the Startup Garage

Actions Every Entrepreneur Should Take Before They Launch Their Startup

Its no secret that starting our own business is a challenging task. You have to come up with a unique business idea, organize and strategize by writing a great business plan, and in some cases you have to try to find outside funding. After already going through all these steps, it is difficult to wait even another second before launching. However, there are still several legal, financial, marketing and operational actions you may need to take before you launch in order to make sure things go smoothly when you open your doors. We at The Startup Garage feel that it is important that an entrepreneur know these steps before their new venture enters the market and, as a result, we have created a new blog series, Your Startup’s Pre-Launch Checklist.

The Different Steps

As mentioned before, there are certain legal, financial, marketing and operational steps you must take before your company officially launches. In this series, we will not only outline each major piece, but we will also dive into many of the different licenses, tools and systems you need so your startup can have a sound launch. The series will cover:

Once you address all of these questions, you should be able to launch your company. However, make sure you have a business plan before you start the pre-launch process. Remember, the goal is not just to launch, but to launch a successful company. The process of writing a business plan will help you understand your goals, customers, and needs, as well as create a strategy that will help you achieve success. Once you have your strategy in place, you can confidently tackle all your pre-launch action items on your way to launching and starting a great business.

Tune in on Thursday for our next post where we will go over what information you need to give to the IRS before you launch your business.
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