Paso Rico Wedding ceremony Traditions

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Puerto Lujoso wedding customs will be special and unique. You will discover that the island’s culture and traditions make it a best place to web host a destination wedding. A Puerto Rican facts about dating a latina woman wedding contains several special traditions, such as a bride-to-be doll, capias, and danza criolla.

Probably the most common wedding customs in Puerto Rico is to give the friends a set of “capias” at the reception. These are narrow ribbon whitening strips that have what they are called of the bride and groom and the date for the wedding to them. The strips are lower by the newlyweds following your ceremony and given out to guests soon after in the evening.

Another important custom in Puerto Vasto weddings is definitely the danza criolla, a waltz performed during the wedding party. It is commonly performed during the first dance. This is combined with Puerto Rican orchestra pieces which have been composed for ballroom dancing.

Many Malograr Ricans as well take care of the wedding ceremony favors. Orchids and seashells are used seeing that decoration, along with candles. Seashell jewelry is also well-known.

During the reception, the bride and groom drink coffee shop con pu?etazo, or capuccino. This is usually served in coconut cups. In Desfiladero Vasto, an amapola is used as a flower inside the bridal basket.

After the wedding service, the bridegroom gives the bride-to-be 13 coins. These cash are symbolic of prosperity and all the best for the couple. Also, they are a symbol of Christ and his apostles.

The bride-to-be gets a doll, whether real much more a “doll” made to look like her. She may wear an identical outfit and many different charms. The doll is placed in front within the main stand during the reception, where your lover can interact socially with the friends.