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Part Time CFO Services

Chief Financial Officers play many different roles in companies especially in startups. One of the major challenges that most startups face is that they cannot afford nor do they need a Full Time CFO. Our Part Time CFO Services are affordable and flexible with the ability to adapt to the changing needs of a Startup. It’s a perfect way to bring on a range of needed expertise without breaking the bank.

Our Part Time CFO Services include the following:


Financial Services


• Capital Raising Support
• Investor Introductions when appropriate
• Financial Projections (See Business Planning )
• Seed/Angel/Venture Financing Strategy and Support
• Non Binding Term Sheets
• Founder Equity distribution Planning
• Cap Table Management
• Overall Financial Planning
• CEO Support


Accounting/Bookkeeping Management Services


Our Accounting Team has unique experience to make sure you books and systems are in place so investors feel safe with their money. Check out our special accounting/bookkeeping packages just for startups by clicking here.

• Set up Accounting System
• Create initial chart of accounts
• Monthly financial statements for mgt team & investors
• Bookkeeping
• Cash Flow Management Processes
• End of Year 1099’s
• Accounts Payable
• Accounts Receivable
• Controller Services
• Sales Tax
• Inventory Management


Human Resource Management Services


• Set up HR System
• Job Descriptions, Org Chart
• Payroll Setup & Processing
• Hiring/Firing Process Setup
• New Hire Onboarding Process
• Recruiting
• Employee Benefits Setup
• Employee Benefits Administration
• Employee Files Compliance
• Employee Contracts
• Employee Bonus & Sales Commission Plans
• Employee Compensation Planning
• Employee Stock Option Planning
• Employee Manuals
• Payroll Tax Management
• Workers Compensation Insurance
• Background Checks


Legal Management Services


We are not attorneys and don’t give legal advice but have plenty of experience dealing with them and legal issues surrounding startups. We provide critical advice and planning that can greatly reduce legal fees in the near and distant future. We also work with a trusted law firm specializing in startups that give reduced fees to our clients.

• Incorporation (S, C, LLC)
• Legal structure
• Corporate Name availability
• IP Strategy and Execution (Trademarks, Copy wrights, Patents)
• Founders Documents
• Buy/Sell Agreements
• Business Insurance
• Federal and State Tax Registrations
• Register for Federal ID number (also called EIN & TIN)
• NDA’s