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The Brand Print

The Brand Print is the startup branding solution to establish and unify your visuals. The logo — along with the elements around it — will give your audience the first impression of your startup. It should communicate what someone can expect from your business. The brand print combines your core purpose and values, an analysis of your market, the goal of your brand, your established identity system and how your aesthetics will communicate across your marketing channels.

Do you ever wonder how some businesses do such a good job of distributing marketing materials that look like they belong together — even compliment one another?

The Identity System is couple pages to tell designers, marketers — and whoever else — how to use your logo, options for variations, exact colors with their web numbers, RGB and CMYK values, fonts for headings, sub-heading, body copy and call-outs, textures and patterns, types of imagery to incorporate, and any other information necessary to communicate your brand.