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Maintaining Traditional Customer Service Values Alongside Social Media

Social Media Customer Service from The Startup Garage

The rise of social media in the world of business, small or large, has changed client to customer relations forever. With platforms like twitter, facebook, linkedin, and tumblr, it is becoming increasingly harder to juggle and manage feedback to your customers due the viral nature of social media. The question becomes, what platform gets prioritized? Is it the customer who left the traditional voicemail to the office, or the customer who asked a question to the company via facebook? We read a great article over at Mashable that highlighted some key factors to think about when trying to balance traditional customer service techniques in this new social media age. Some of the direct takeaways:

  • Know inside and out who your customers are
  • Evaluate how urgent the inquiry really is
  • Social media service instantly reflects on your
  • Don’t ignore traditional channels because you’ve become focused on social media
  • Monitor your social media metrics
  • Bottom Line: Adapt and Evolve

Read the full article at Mashable.


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