Guerrilla Marketing: Ways to Save While Promoting Your Business

Guerilla Marketing Strategy from The Startup Garage
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Marketing is an important strategy for any startup business. A new business can get a huge advantage from generating buzz. This process can be expensive by using advertisements like radio spots, commercials, websites, billboards, press releases, and yellow page ads, but marketing does not always need to be expensive. There are many Guerilla marketing techniques that can save your startup company lots of money by promoting your business cheaply. Here are a few great guerilla marketing strategies that can benefit your business while saving you money.

  • Viral Marketing: The internet is a great hot spot for consumer activity, and you can promote your company in many places on the internet for free. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, MySpace, YouTube, and Linked In among many are free networks to post blogs, information, and even videos about your new startup company.
  • Flyers/Handouts: Printing up flyers and handouts is an inexpensive way to get your companys name out there. Usually there are many spots around that allow the posting of flyers. Even walking around parking lots and placing flyers on windshields is a great way to get your company name out there. Handouts can be another easy way to convey your companies name and they are usually acceptable anywhere there are large gatherings of people.
  • Stickers: These can be cheap and easy to make. With your companys name, location and phone number, everyone will know how and where to find your new company. The only thing to worry about with stickers is making sure you are putting them in places that are legal and not vandalizing property.
  • Word of Mouth: This is a free way for consumers to get to know your business. By asking family, friends, acquaintances, and previous or loyal customers to spread the word about your business, this can help your company flourish in no time. Giving your family, friends and professional connections your business card to spread around not only spreads word of mouth but also gives out your business information which is important. Offering an incentive to people who refer your company is another strategy that can impact your business positively.

Rather than spending thousands of dollars on TV spots or radio ads, guerilla marketing is a great way to get your foot in the door without egregious expenses. All of the marketing techniques above are free or can cost as little as $100. The money that you save will benefit your company significantly now and into the future, when you will be able to afford expensive advertisements.



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