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Give and Your Business Shall Receive

Entrepreneurship Give and Business Receive from The Startup Garage

If you are networking to build your startup business, you might want to try the Give and Receive approach. The Give and you shall receive principle is popular in a lot of religions and mythologies. The same idea can be easily applied to your small startup business. Here, we suggest that you implement a more altruistic method of networking for your business, but keeping the same old objective to gain company awareness and sales of your product or service.

Volunteer. Find an organization, group, charity or a non-profit organization to which you can volunteer your time, services or product. Volunteer for something that has meaning to you and encourage your employees and family to do the same. The contacts made will be invaluable. The positive feelings from doing something with no strings attached or expectations are in itself a reward, plus you may have some fun too!

Partnering or sponsoring can build good PR for your company and brand. Serve on a planning committee for a prominent event in your community like a marathon or fundraiser. Become a board member for a nonprofit organization. By being an ambassador for a good cause you do get the chance to introduce yourself and to promote your business to people that have already build good impressions about you.

Educate. Sharing your expertise with others at seminars and training meetings can interest potential customers appreciate your product or service and later on buy it. Teach about the things that you know best and that would lead your future customers to your products or services. It is not hard to sell when your customer has some knowledge and confidence in your product or service. When you put on a workshop or seminar, you become the expert the go-to guy in the view of the class. Face-to-face interaction, whenever possible, is the key to building those priceless relationships.

Return on investment. It is important to clarify that this is not at all a short term strategy. The people you connect with are likely not in an immediate need of your products and services and the give and receive will not work right away. Over time, building those relationships will create value. If you position yourself as a respectable person as well as an expert in your field, you will be the first person that your contacts come to when they need your help or know someone who does. Therefore, investing your time and energy outside of your office may not lead to an immediate return but could plant seeds for the future.

Its surprising how if you give your best and do it for the right reasons, people will remember you, and business will follow.


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