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San Diego Founders’ Fight Club Pitch-Off

The San Diego startup ecosystem is growing, along with the resources available to entrepreneurs. Mentor programs, co-working spaces and meetup events over the past few years have increased at an exciting rate. Along with our Entrepreneur Spotlight video series, The Startup Garage is going to cover monthly startup events to showcase the exceptional talent in our local area. Unless expressed, the startups and entrepreneurs in these series are not clients of The Startup Garage.

Wednesday November 7th, 2013

Ding, Ding, Ding! There was no Brad Pitt, broken ribs or bars of soap but The Founder’s Fight Club was just as entertaining as the Hollywood film.

Pitch-Off Details

Winner: Receives $2,000 in legal services from Cooley

Round 1: From a total pool of around twenty, two Founders square off against each other in a 30 second battle round.  A panel of three judges picks the winner.

Round 2: The judges then ask a series of questions to the winners of Round 1.

Round 3: The winners of Round 2  undergo another rapid fire quiz from which the ultimate winner is picked.


MC – Brant Cooper, Market By Numbers


David Turner, CEO Parallel6
John Girard, Advisor, Founder, Mentor
Rodney Rumford, Co-Founder RapidEngage
Navid Alipour, Investor

Startups Highlighted in Video

House Call

HouseCall is a mobile app that connects you to a marketplace of the best home services professionals that live and work in your neighborhood.

HouseCall consists of one mobile app for homeowners and one for service professionals. We give homeowners a seamless way to order and pay for home services from pros that are nearby. We provide tools for service providers to manage their mobile workflow, while also connecting them to the HouseCall marketplace. [via website]

HouseCall was recently accepted to the latest cohort of startups at EvoNexus, the business incubator of CommNexus.


AryaBall allows children and adults a like to play football, soccer, baseball and golf with a single ball and bat.

Our passion is to also help parents turn their kids on to as many sports as possible, as early as possible, in hopes of promoting good health, team work, and tenacity so they can lead full and meaningful lives. That is why 5% of all net proceeds will be donated to sports programs of local schools. [via website]

Zlata Life

ZlataLife is a transformation coaching practice which combines nutrition, fitness and accountability coaching. It educates people on basic principals of healthy and active lifestyle. Zlata Sushchik creates’ customized plans for her clients needs, goals and habits to help them achieve their optimal lifestyle. It is designed to provide virtual coaching utilizing the internet based communication services. [via website]


Stockjoust is a virtual stock trading platform. At the core of our platform is head to head stock market games for real money rewards. Join Stockjoust and hone your stock portfolio strategies against other competitors. As iron sharpens iron, a stockjouster sharpens another stockjouster [via Facebook]


The Industry Rag

San Diego tech startup. We’re aggregating commercial content on tablets and phones. [via Facebook]



After spending millions on security solutions, how are you currently measuring your security posture? [via website]
And The Winner of San Diego Founders’ Fight Club Is…


QuickSolar allows professionals to quickly and easily design a solar energy system on their customers’ or clients’ rooftops.

With minimal user input, you can drag and drop solar panels directly onto almost any roof using Google Maps imagery.

As you add and remove panels from your design, QuickSolar performs all the necessary calculations to show you how much solar energy you will produce, how much you will save, the amount you can expect to invest, as well as the amount you can save through tax credits, rebates, and other local incentives. In short, Quicksolar provides fast accurate answers to your customers’ most common questions about solar energy! [via website]


Rodney Rumford of RapidEngage leans forward from his panel chair, while Brant Cooper announces the round's champion startup fighter.
Rodney Rumford of RapidEngage leans forward from his panel chair, while Brant Cooper announces the round’s champion startup fighter.










Photo Credits:

Live Event Photos Courtesy of SD TechScene