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  • Who Top Startup Founders & Entrepreneurs Follow on Instagram

    We all need inspiration in our life, even successful Startup Founders & Entrepreneurs turn to visual content giant Instagram, for daily encouragement or perhaps a welcomed distraction. The Startup Garage Team complied a list highlighting a handful of standout accoun[...]

  • Top 8 Success Tips For First Time Founders

    As a Startup entrepreneur it’s easy for your work to become your life, and 8 years to effortlessly slip by. I founded what has become The Startup Garage in January of 2008 with passion for helping entrepreneurs start and launch companies of impact. Our business, t[...]

  • Why To Take Caution With Investor “Finders”

    There are many service providers that offer to help startups with attracting investors, colloquially referred to as “finders.” While they prefer to be called business brokers or consultants, most finders are either CPAs, insurance brokers, retired executives[...]

  • Want to Join The Startup Garage For FREE at Launch Festival in San Francisco?

    The Launch Festival in San Francisco is March 2-4th 2016. The Event promises to be the greatest startup conference in the world, with 15,000 attendees, 4 stages, and 250 top notch speakers. All with the mission to help founders build, scale, and secure funding. [...]

  • Ready to win over $10,000 in Prizes for your Brilliant Business Idea?

    The Startup Garage is excited to co-sponsor in “The Ideator December Challenge.” A challenge designed to bring your business idea into conception. Submissions currently open now until Dec 13, 2015 at 5pm (PST) entering is easy and done completely virtually. En[...]

  • How Does A Convertible Note Works For Startups?

    A convertible note is an investment instrument intended to provide a startup company with early stage financing. It’s a compromise of sorts, blending the downside protection associated with a loan and capturing the upside potential of selling equity shares. [...]

  • 14 Key Insights From The Lean Entrepreneur Author Brant Cooper

    The Startup Grind San Diego hosts monthly fireside chats, featuring successful local founders, innovators, educators and investors. The Startup Garage Team had the pleasure of attending Dec 10th event featuring San Diego Startup pioneer Brant Cooper. Brant i[...]

  • How To “Winterize” Your Business For Success in 2016

    Businesses, just like homes, require winterization in order to save money, increase efficiency, and keep things running smoothly in the cold months ahead. Every business from app development to accounting needs to be prepared for when business is slow. Here are[...]

  • How To Understand Customer Lifetime Value and Customer Acquisition Costs?

    The Key to Profitability for your business Understanding customer lifetime value and customer acquisition costs. It comes as no surprise that a company must earn more revenue over the lifetime of any given customer (referred to as Customer Lifetime Value or CL[...]

  • How To Measure and Achieve Product/Market Fit
    TSG_ProductMarket from The Startup Garage

    Product/Market Fit is a term that was coined to define the process of creating a product that resonates with a specific target market(s). Taking this definition a step further, Product/Market Fit is proving sufficient demand within a target market segment to justify [...]