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Expert Communication Workshops Gets You ‘Shark Tank’ Ready

Communication Workshop from The Startup Garage

The Startup Garage is pleased to be partner with Deborah Linggi, Principal of Linggi Communications.

With close to 20 years of experience working in senior-level, global communications roles for such industry leaders as Apple, HP, Illumina, Motorola and others, including startups, she provides invaluable communications counsel to The Startup Garage clients.

The Startup Garage provides the Pitch Deck and Linggi Communcations provides the language and optimal communciatoin methods.

Get your startup ready for the ‘Shark Tank’

Clear and effective communication is critical to building (and maintaining) positive brand perception, as well as achieving long-term financial success. Missing the mark in how you communicate limits your ability to:

Secure capital
Attract and retain customers
Create a high-performing workplace
Drive long-term growth and revenue

As an entrepreneur, you’ll be encountering many types of “sharks” as your business grows. Potential investors, existing or potential clients, partners and members of the media are just an example.

“Are YOU ‘Shark Tank’ Ready” is a hands-on, high energy workshop.

You’ll learn how to effectively communicate with any shark.

You’ll learn how to create targeted messaging and then deliver them in a clear, confident and professional manner, particularly under pressure.

Industry best practices and proven communication techniques used by seasoned executives working in the Fortune 500 will be shared.

Not only will you learn valuable concepts and ideas, you’ll walk away with completed messaging templates and tools which you can immediately incorporate into your business!

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