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Crowdfunding: Like Dorothy, You Too, Can Make Your Wish Come True

Opportunities of Crowdfunding from The Startup Garage

Like Dorothy, You Too, Can Make Your Wish Come True

Fairy tales and fantasies are wonderful. In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy only had to click her glittery heels three times to get her wish. Don’t we all wish that were possible in real life? Society would be different. Everyone would have enough to eat and live on. Yet, if you reflect on the story, Dorothy’s wish was always with her. She had to gain experience to realize that the power was within her, and that she always had the ability to go home. Today, life is much like the story of the Wizard of Oz. Life coaches tell you that all you need is to visualize what you want, that you have the power within to attain your dreams. And it is true! In the past, we might have believed that this was just a children´s story; that real life was difficult and we couldn’t ever really reach out and get that golden apple. 20 years ago, people knew that the only way to get ahead in life was simply to work long, hard grueling hours at a job you hated. There was no magic and certainly no happy ending.

That’s all changing now! Never was there a time when a person could feel more empowered than now. Today, we are all in control of our own creativity, thoughts and ideas, and of our own financial future. Never has it been easier for anyone from any educational background, of any ethnicity and from any country, to start a new business project. “What? How?” you ask. Business projects, no matter what the size, take money…and a lot of it. “How can I, a person that has to carefully budget all expenses, fund a new startup? you think. The answer is really quite simple. A new funding source called crowdfunding can help anyone find the financial resources to complete any creative business project, whatever it might be.

Crowdfunding Defined

Crowdfunding offers financial resources to any creative soul with a great idea. All you have to do is pitch your idea to thousands of Internet users. In turn, they offer small donations or investment into your project, thereby helping you get your overall funding goal, and ultimately get your project off the ground.

Is It Really as Easy as That?

No, it´s not easy as pie, but it is very feasible. You do have to work at creating an outstanding project. You have to present your project in an intense, but very professional way. You have to be honest and authentic. You have to present your project quickly and get audiences motivated to help you. Now, doing all of this may seem easy, but as with everything, easy is hard to create. But even so, it is a much more effective way of funding an idea, project or business…and if you do it right, well, you get the capital you need to start your business project.

How to Make a Really Effective Crowdfunding Project?

Before you even start, you need to keep your objective clearly in mind. If your goal is to raise eight thousand dollars, you always have to keep that goal in mind. This way you can make adjustments, market and promote as much as you need to get to that focused goal.

While keeping your ultimate goal in mind is certainly very important, and the place to start your project, you still have to do a little more work. You need to plan your project out, and it is the initial planning that will make your project a complete success, or a complete failure. . .

Analyze the Data

This is the place you need to spend the largest portion of your time. Before you think of the amount of money you want to raise, you first have to analyze other similar projects that other people have listed on crowdfunding sites. Look at the amount of money they have asked for. Ask yourself, “How many of these people have reached their goal? What is the general amount that often gets reached?” What amounts are those that are harder to reach? How much do you estimate you can get from friends and family?” There are tools out there that help analyze crowdfunding data to get the analytical data that can help set your project ahead in the game. Use these tools to determine the amount you can safely expect to reach. This goal, of course, is dependent on your project, the number of friends and family you can get involved and the value of your product or service.