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Five Commonly Overlooked Office Essentials for Startups

Management Office Essentials from The Startup Garage

Starting a business is no easy task. Nobody is perfect and mistakes are going to be made. On top of that, it’s not like startups have unlimited sums of cash from which to cover the costs of bad decisions or to hedge bets with. But of all the leading mistakes young entrepreneurs make, one of the most common is not establishing an office environment that maximizes productivity. The utilitarian approach to starting a business instinctively calls for a limit on these things, but when it comes to getting those results that small businesses must achieve early on, nothing else is going to get them for you as easily.

Consider the following five examples of essentials often missing from the office of a start up:

Color: It might sound like some over-analytical hogwash, but studies over the years have consistently indicated that color is important in crafting a person’s mood. Blues and grays make people mellow and a little depressed, while warmer colors are more likely to energize people. But the simple fact of the matter is that plain white walls make people want to do nothing besides leave. Paint your office for better results from your employees.

Comfort: The Spartan mentality of a startup usually means that employees are lucky to have a bench to sit on to do their work. But investing in ergonomic chairs for your workers and even guest chairs for your prospective or continual clients is a smart and simple way to keep people happy for long periods of time. Your workers aren’t going to complain about bad seating they probably won’t even be aware of how badly it’s affecting their performance so it’s up to the business leader to make the investment.

Commons: One of the worst things that can plague a startup is lack of communication among a shy and unfamiliar workforce. Establishing a commons area in some regard that can be used by employees to meet and mingle is a must for any company relying on teamwork to get the job done. Holding team meetings in this area provides a practical reason for it’s existence, while the unofficial comrade that’s more likely to occur is where the investment is really going to show its value.

Keys: Those working for startups soon learn that the work usually doesn’t get finished within an 8 hour block of time. If only one person is the key master, then everyone has to leave at the same time. But by giving everyone their own key, employees can come and go when they please. This encourages employees to come in early or stay late or both.

Parking: That great downtown location has the perfect view, is on a busy street, and costs peanuts compared to other spaces listed. But what about the parking situation? Making employees park at meters or walk several blocks to get to work is definite no-no if you want happy and productive workers. Always make sure that there is ample parking for both employees and clients alike.

Startup mistakes are bound to happen, but don’t make the common mistake of not doing enough for your team. Making them happy means more productivity, which is sure to make you happy, not to mention more money. If you are opening a new office or just need interior design help in general, contact

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