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A Closer Look at AngelList

Close Up on Angel Investment from The Startup Garage

AngelList is a platform for startups that allows entrepreneurs to share their startup with potential investors. It provides entrepreneurs, advisors, and Angel investors a digital network to follow startup activity and quickly jump into investment deals with new companies. Entrepreneurs create a startup profile and pick which investors can see their startup, both of which can be updated at any time.

AngelList Syndicates

Recently, AngelList launched AngelList Syndicates. In short, AngelList Syndicates allow any one investor to invite other investors to co-invest with them via the AngelList platform — essentially, forming an Angel investment group. Syndicators allow startups to raise larger amounts of capital while spreading out the risk to each individual investor, creating a win-win situation.


AngelList provides several benefits including:

  • Access to brand-name investors that you might not have access to otherwise
  • Gain recognition from the best developers and designers
  • Roll in capital from friends and family into a single entity on the capitalization table
  • Build buzz around your company and establish market validation prior to have a beta or fully launched product


Want To Learn More?

Raising Capital from Angel Investors eBook

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This guide will walk you through the process of obtaining seed capital for your startup. This book includes:

  • An overview of the angel investor process and who they are
  • The milestones angel investors look for when evaluating your business
  • Strategies for finding the angels best fit for your startup
  • How to nurture the relationship, prepare for the meeting and deliver the pitch
  • Rounding out the details and preparing for the future