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The Startup Garage team has helped raise
over $200 million for startup businesses.

Professional Business Plan Writers

The Startup Garage business plan writers prepare expert business plans for growing startups looking for investment. Our team has the collective expertise to prepare your company for reaching funding goals.

Sample Business Plan from The Startup Garage

We have written over 100 business plans for a variety of companies with many of them successfully raising capital.

The Startup Garage team has also developed investor presentations and capital formation packages for businesses in preparation for approaching SBA and traditional bankers, friends and family, angel investors and venture capital firms.

What makes us unique is that we both create professional, investor-ready documents as well as utilizing our team’s wide array of expertise and experience to take your business strategy to the next level.

Our expert team of entrepreneurs, researchers, business plan writers, editors, CFOs, and designers will prepare the business plan — often in conjunction with the financial model and investor presentation — as we prepare you and the company for the next evolution of the business.

Business Plans are delivered with an Executive Summary, Market, Industry and Competitive Research and Analysis along with marketing, operating and management strategies.

Between researching, writing, and financial modeling, it typically takes over 200 hours to complete a business plan.


The Benefits of Hiring Business Plan Writers

  • Develop a cohesive plan for your business and sync all supporting programs
  • Create efficient strategies to prioritize and conserve your most valuable resources — money and time.
  • Realistically set and achieve your goals for sales, revenue, and profit.
  • Develop tools to enroll investors, business partners, and employees.
  • Satisfy requirements of investors, banks, and authorities.
  • Support your vision with an evolving guide to evaluate your progress and plan for the future.


The Designed Executive Summary

Grab the interest of your potential investors with a designed executive summary.

Sample Executive Summary from The Startup Garage Enterprise

The business plan is a powerful tool to communicate your intentions for the business. It is typically 35+ pages and requires a diligent reader. The executive summary is a one to five page synopsis of the plan that quickly communicates who you are, what you’re doing and where you’re planning to go. This is one of the quickest and most effective ways to entice a reader into learning more. We offer executive summaries written by our business plan writers that are branded for your company and creatively laid out, custom to the structure of your business.

The executive summary features an abstract of each of the sections of the plan, containing only the most important images and charts to show investors exactly what they’re looking for.


One-Page Business Plans

Make an lasting impression with a One-Page Business Plan. This is a brand new product and the perfect solution if you’re looking for funding and need a way to quickly communicate your business concept.

Sample One-Page Business Plan from The Startup Garage Enterprise

It’s primarily used by high-growth startups looking for funding from a variety of sources. This is the most efficient method for quickly communicating your business to your audience. One-page plans are expertly designed by our business plan writers around the formation and flow of your company to show the viewer everything they need to know in an infographic-styled, easy to understand format.


The Benefits of a One-Pager:

  • Quickly communicate your business plan to your audience, great for crowd-sourcing and investor introductions
  • Bolsters your elevator pitch or introduction with an easy to read one page graphic while demonstrating that you are a progressive and creative company
    In addition to showing off your plan and strategy, you will provide insight into your brand and processes.
  • Open your presentations with an intriguing summary of the whole story.

The one-page business plan features the key elements of each section of the business plan, highlights achievements to date, states the capital amount requested, and concludes with the uses of funds, planned milestones and projected revenue.



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