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Investor Document Review

Through our business plan review, we’ll identify the red flags keeping investors from breaking out the check book. Whether this is your first business plan or 50th, allow us to provide a professional review so that you can get what you need to optimize the plan and raise capital.

We’ll review and evaluate your:

  1. business model and strategy,
  2. the business plan’s writing and structure, and
  3. financial projections.

We’ll present our findings in a two to three page report, along with any other recommendations we feel you’d benefit from.
The business plan is your company’s roadmap through the startup process. It will help keep your priorities on track, focus your efforts, and ensure everyone is on the same page. It will also communicate to investors your detailed intentions for leveraging the money they give you to achieve the milestones they care about and bring the company to profitability.

The Startup Garage is a team of startup experts. We know what your potential investors are looking for and how to best present this to them. Let us help you finalize your plan to get the results you want.