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A logo identifies your company but the brand personifies it. Our branding services will use tools to create an identity for your company and fabricate emotional connections to your target audience that will differentiate from all other competitors.


Our brand development services include:


Brand Guide

Your brand guide is what sets the messaging, look and strategy to communicate to your stakeholders. Every brand guide created is unique to the story of each company. The brand guide will help integrate all assets of communication and style for internal and external use, which will strengthen the brand and create value for your company.

Style Guide

Within your brand guide we provide a style guide to give instruction on how to use design elements throughout your brand creative, whether it be your website, brochures, posters, etc. The goal of a style guide helps create a cohesive use of these elements when employees, channel partners, and designers need to create marketing material for your company.

Logo Design

Every brand needs an image to identify the company. In the logo design process we will provide multiple ideas with a story in mind. Whether you need a logo refresh or an original design, The Startup Garage will deliver a step by step process of designs and execute a thought-provoking logo.

Branding Package

Your brand is set, your logo is ready to go and the style is cohesive. Need additional marketing material? Business cards? Social Media skinning? Advertisements? The Startup Garage can provide all the necessities to get your brand out there!


Sample Branding Designs from The Startup Garage


Sample Brand Guide from The Startup Garage


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