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Blogging. How To and What About

Blogging How to and What About from The Startup Garage

If you are a startup entrepreneur your blog might be an asset to your business.
Your blog is a valuable business tool that allows you to reach your audience, to access your customers, to educate about your product, to market your services. If you care about any of the above blogging could be a valuable strategy for you.

But How? And what about? Startup entrepreneurs often understand the importance of blogging but are not exactly clear on the question what to blog about. Some simply lack the confidence to talk about their businesses to unknown virtual spectators. Here are a few basic guidelines on blogging.

1. Know your target market dont just blog about everything, blog about the things that matter to your target customers. They probably dont look up to you for advice on business planning and startup strategy. Ours do, so we blog about that. You should blog about what you know best your own product or service. Give your readers the information that will make them buy specifically from you.

2. Have credibility cite your facts or otherwise make sure they are expressed as opinions. Your customers dont want to be lied to or to be misled, so you are not doing yourself a favor when making up facts. That is unless you are in the business of selling fairy tales.

3. Educate more, persuade less. Your blog is a place where you can teach your customer about the value of your service or product, the store is where they think about buying it. Being too much of a sales man can hurt not only your sales but also your creativity So, make sure your customer knows all the benefits your product can offer and as they say your product will sell itselfof course with the help of your blog

4. Be yourself! Dont lose your voice or your identity, instead try to stay authentic to who you are. There is no need to sound too smart or too funny. Your customers will see who you are in your words.

5. Dont get stuck considering every word. Just say what is on your mind even if it doesnt seem to sound just perfect. If you dont follow this rule you will never hit that Publish buttonand you probably will never get it to sound perfect anyways.

6. Dont be offensive. We do suggest that you do share your opinions and even that you involve your audience by stirring up discussion where different opinions are raised. But make sure to be respectful as there is no benefit in offending the mass of people who your business is benefiting from.


And now that you have started blogging we some good news: according to a recent study done by Universal McCan media agency 77% of Internet users read blogs. That means that there are over 200 million people in North America alone why might be just reading your blog.
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