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Angel Investor Portfolio Insight

Angel Investor Portfolio Insight from The Startup Garage

Angel investors typically invest in seed or early stage startups that are seeking between $150,000 to $1M.  Often, a group of six to twenty angels will pool their funds to make such an investment.  The average check written by angels is ~$30,000.  They are typically accredited investors that are investing with the intention of engaging with the management team in some capacity (advising, coaching, consulting and possibly even becoming a member of the board).

Angel’s seek startups with a premoney evaluation of $0.5M to $3M and typically seek 20%-40% ownership.  Angel’s are looking for returns of 10X+ in less than 5 years.  Angels are typically uninterested in anything less than a 10X potential return as the investment will not balance the deals that go south in their portfolios.  Along the same lines, Angels look for exits of $30M-$50M.  Angels typically undergo extensive due diligence prior to closing a deal.


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