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Angel Investments Soar in the U.S. Along with the Tech Coast Angels

Angel Investments Soar in Q1 along with Tech Coast Angels

The Q1 2014 Halo Report was released recently by the Angel Resource Institute, Silicon Valley Bank and CB Insights

In a collaborative effort to raise awareness of early-stage investment activities by angel investors the Halo Report researches and analyzes angel investment activities and trends in North America.

This quarter’s report card will one most investors in the U.S. will be proud to share.

“Median angel round size increases to $980k, while pre-money valuations rise to $2.7 million in the quarter”

What’s this mean for Startups looking to raise capital?

It is one of the best times in history to get funded.
Especially, if your startup relates to the Internet, Healthcare, or Mobile, which make up 71.5 % of deals in the quarter.

“Opportunities are great for startups seeking funding today,” said Rob Wiltbank, Vice Chairman of Research, Angel Resource Institute.

Are you a California based Startup? Consider your ability to get funded that much more likely. California angels invested heavily locally accounting for 1/3 of all deals.

One investor network, Tech Coast Angels, seized the spotlight and proves that “your network, is your net worth.” Tech Coast Angels secured the “strongest network” spot on the Q1 Halo Report out of 370 angel groups, alluding to their greater ability to raise capital, as well as offer strategic expertise in a given area.

Perhaps this is due to their investor membership application process itself, which puts network and community 1st and money 2nd.

“You might think it’s to make money, but for many of us it’s a way to give back to the community, to help build successful companies and to participate in the satisfaction that comes from this involvement. And we hope to make money, too.”

Tech Coast Angels claims to be largest angel investor network in the Nation. Since 1997, and TCA has helped their portfolio companies attract more than $1.4 billion in additional funding. TCA is a catalyst in helping build Southern California’s economy into a thriving center of technology and entrepreneurship.

Feeling inspired and ready to #GetFunded?
Tech Coast Angels is hosting a quick pitch competition in San Diego Thursday Sept 25th, 2014.

Quick Pitch is a must attend event for entrepreneurs looking to jump-start their ventures and for investors seeking to learn about the latest innovations in Southern California. Be sure to say hello to The Startup Garage team at the event!

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