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Do-it-Yourself Financial Services from The Startup Garage

Do-it-Yourself Package

Access to Cloud Hosted Premier Quickbooks


$125 setup fee


Perfect For:

  • Newly launched startups that want to do things right
  • Startups with limited transactions, but plans to scale
Startup Financial Services from The Startup Garage

Startup Package

One Account with up to 50 expenses per month


$285 setup fee


Perfect For:

  • Growth-minded startups who need audit-ready books
  • Transaction volume is still low, but taking precious founder time away from growth activities
Seed Round Financial Services from The Startup Garage

Seed Round Package

Three Accounts with up to 100 expenses per month


$445 setup fee


Perfect For:

  • Growing ventures who need accounting and robust data to support strategic decisions
  • Transaction volume and complexity is growing
Series A Financial Services from The Startup Garage

Series A Package

Custom package and fees.

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Perfect For:

  • Fast-track growth with a management team that needs customized support
  • Finance and accounting to support growth towards exit or IPO

Accounting Packages to Fit for Your Stage



The capability of a corporate accounting team at the scale of a small business


Actionable financial and managerial reporting


Audit-ready document management


Cost structure insights and trend analysis


Capabilities and Breadth of the platform develop as the company matures

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