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7 More Phenomenal Tips to Run a Successful Crowdfunding Project

Crowdfunding Success TIps from The Startup Garage

Smarter is always better! Haven’t you heard the saying, “Work smarter, not harder.” That’s exactly what you to do when you start a crowdfunding project. You have to be smart in the way you go about it.

Crowdfunding is the new funding model for startups, entrepreneurs, and sure why not, non-profit organizations. This can be one of the best platforms to raise capital for any business project, activity or non-profit organization. But, before you start, you must think your strategy through. The following are a few tips that can help you create an effective funding project, one that is successful.


Keep it Simple

When you write your project needs out, you want to express your objectives as simply as possible. However, you also want to make these extremely clear. You want your agenda to be completely open; you don’t want to seem to be hiding anything. People don’t want to give money to someone when they aren’t sure what the money is going toward.


Accept Peoples Differences

Not everyone will like your project, but don’t get discouraged. Just accept the fact that we aren’t all created equal. Remember, you only need a specific part of the market to have a successful funding project, and you are only interested in a certain segment of the market anyway. Explain exactly how you will use the money and what you plan on doing once the project finishes. People always want to be part of something big; a big idea, big business or a big caring project.


Make Your Project Stand Out from Others

You want to make your project stand out from the competition. If your project is different from others, your chance of getting more contributions also increases. Make a sales pitch that really stands out from others. Look for a slogan that defines your project, one that prospective donors will remember when they see it again. Use great graphic design, vivid colors and great presentations with images that look professional and beautiful. Illustrate your point with videos, models and even ask local celebrities to help if possible. Essentially, you want to use anything that will catch the viewer’s eye quickly.


Be Professional

Keep your goal in mind at all times. You want donations for a business. As such, you need to make your presentation as professional as possible. Make videos using good equipment. Use software that makes your work stand out, even if this does have a small cost. Professionalism sends the right message to the crowd, and it gets you more traffic.


Get to The Point Quickly

Remember, yours is not the only project out there, so you want to hit hard and fast. Make your request intense but fast. Keep your videos and presentations short, about two to five minutes is ideal. No one really wants to sit through a 20 minute video when you can get your point across in less than five. Edit your video so that you give your pitch clearly and effectively in less than five minutes.


Be Authentic

People want to see the real you; they like open and honest. People know when you are trying to act like someone or something you aren’t, so don’t do it. Speak in a normal tone of voice as if you are speaking to your friends.


Speak of Your Past Success

When you introduce yourself, be sure to speak of your experience and past successes. People will feel more confident about investing in you when they know you have experience in the field. When you speak of past experiences they will listen to your future plans.


Bottom Line

Crowdfunding can be a great way of finding the capital you need to run a project or start a new startup. However, you must remember, this is a proposition, a petition to fund a worthwhile project. As such, you need to make your petition worthwhile, and this may mean you need to hire a professional videographer, actor, script writer and any other digital professional that can make your pitch stand out from the others. Take your time, plan it out and complete each step carefully. If you do this, there isn’t any reason why your project can’t be successful.


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