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5 Secrets to Sales

5 Secrets to Sales from The Startup Garage

As a new startup, you will find yourself doing some form of sales around the clock.  Selling investors or bank officers, selling potential strategic partners or key employees, selling customers and clients.  Sales is king in the new economy.  You success will be determined by your ability to generate revenue and sell, not just your products and services, but also yourself.

Here are five signs you’re well positioned to succeed at the art of selling:

1. Remember, you are in the people business.

Don’t make the mistake of getting so caught up in what you are selling that you forget to make meaningful connections.

2. Focus on the results, not the effort.

Don’t confuse results with efforts.  Your success in selling is all about getting results.  Therefore, you should evaluate your results and not your efforts.  You don’t try to get an appointment, you either get it or you don’t.

3. Do the uncomfortable thing.

Don’t shy from the tough customers or the tough sales.  You can’t bring the big deals home without getting into the deep waters where the big fish swim.

4. Wow the customer.

Sales is all about emotion.  Constantly look for ways to inspire a customer’s emotional involvement and create the urgency to take ownership.

5.  Ask for the sale

This may seem very simple, but most salespeople never ask for the sale.  If you don’t ask, you will only sell to those who are going to buy regardless.

More details about these 5 tricks can be found here.

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