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4 Marketing Strategies for A Successful Launch

Marketing Strategies for Successful Launch from The Startup Garage

Many entrepreneurs pay major attention to their pre-launch stage and dont have solid plans for promoting the launch of their business. Launching a business is a quick process. But the impact of the launch can last. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to have solid marketing plans for a successful launch. The following 5 marketing strategies will create some buzz about your launch and even be a quick source of new customers.

Tap Your Network. You want to make an announcement that you are launching a business. And the most cost-effective way to convey your messages is through your social network. Your email contact list, facebook friends, and twitter followers are your free media sources. They are very powerful because they alone receive your messages and know you are launching a business, but their friends know also, if they forward your messages. Also, these people likely want to help you succeed.

Have A Launch Party or Event. A launch party or event can draw potential new customers and increase public exposure for your businesss brand name. At the party or event, you may provide attendants with food and entertainment – creating a relaxed environment where you can introduce your product/service and create buzz. You can also take pictures of your launch party and post them on social media sites to get more attention.

Alert the Press about Your Launch. Traditional press is still a very strong channel to send out information and this method is taught in online marketing degree programs all the time. You can make a public appearanceto a very large group of people through the press, and attract new customers. Besides paper press, you can also choose electronic press releases. Any media coverage about your launch can be advantageous.

Have a Giveaway or Introductory Offer. One of the best ways to let your customers know about your product/service is to give them an extra incentive to use it. Thus, a good giveaway trial or introductory offer will give your potential customers positive experience. If they like your product, they will continue using the product/service and tell others about your business.

A successful launch can have a positive effect on a business because it can quickly bring in enough customers, which generates cash flow right away. These launching marketing strategies enable you to maximize your business exposure to the right persons, and set up an initial customer base that has large growth potential. After your initial launch, dont forget to keep the buzz going with the marketing strategy you created in your business plan.

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