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3 Games To Help You Generate Business Ideas

3 Games To Help You Generate Business Ideas from The Startup Garage

Generating a business idea takes creativity.  Fortunately, we can exercise our creativity like a muscle.  And it can even be fun.  Try these three games to inspire new ideas.  Who knows, it might lead to the next million-dollar startup!

1. Mix and Match

What two products could be brought together for the first time to create a new one?  For example, take license plates and dry erase boards.  People can custom their very own license plate!  While this couldn’t work from a legal standpoint, you get the idea.  Try some of your own.

2. Solve It

Begin by questioning everything around you and constantly asking yourself, how could things be better?  Listen to complaints from friends and families and determine how you could fix these problems.

  3. What If?

Let your mind wander and dream.  What do you really wish were possible?  What if you could snowboard uphill?  What if you could monitor growth among children?

For more information on these simple brain games use to help exercise the creative model, click here. If you have your idea it’s time to learn how to write a business plan.


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