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Recruiting pro: These are the 3 most recession-proof job candidates

Recruiting pro: These are the 3 most recession-proof job candidates


Higher interest rates pose little threat to the firm’s earnings as well since P&G maintains low leverage and has a strong AA- credit rating. They will invest in services that allow them to be productive and pain-free. Some of these services are covered by insurance, which encourages people to use them — even when money is tight. Because of that, investors should construct truly diversified portfolios to weather the downturns. The key to creating a diversified portfolio isn’t holding several stocks but investing in companies across multiple sectors, including those that are recession-resistant.


Necessities or not, raw materials and finished products still need to be shipped to their end purchaser. Due to these variances, you can never truly tell which industries are “guaranteed” to be Timothy Li is a consultant, accountant, and finance manager with an MBA from USC and over 15 years of corporate finance experience. Timothy has helped provide CEOs and CFOs with deep-dive analytics, providing beautiful stories behind the numbers, graphs, and financial models.

Why do some industries do better during a recession than others?

These businesses fill out their workforces using online apps like Upwork, Toptal and Instawork, adapting in real-time to changing needs of staff. They usually have a core of permanent hires, and then they bring in extra workers for specific tasks, shifts or longer assignments without having to worry about carrying excess labor or making layoffs in the future. They can also keep rosters on their apps of the workers who have already received any necessary training and offer the best fit for their workplaces. Perhaps paradoxically, the period right before a recession might be your most profitable and productive in the entire business cycle — but don’t be fooled. You don’t want to end up with too many inputs or with big inventories of your own products when demand in your industry drops.

If you’re ready to own your own business — and be your own boss — you can, especially if you find the right opportunity. We all know these past couple of years have been harsh for all of us, whether you’re an aspiring business owner or not. And to keep our spirits up, we often turn to comfort items and vices. In the U.S., the electric utility industry earnings are forecasted to grow by 9.6 percent annually, historically lower than usual.

Invest in Marketing

The firm has also created different value tiers and pack sizes to meet shifting consumer priorities. Oil prices have fallen below this threshold and might in the next downturn.

  • It’s easy to load your entire portfolio of assets into Kubera’s custom platform as it integrates with thousands of financial institutions.
  • Since March 2020, the prevalence of anxiety and depression has increased — and in some countries, even doubled.
  • More cyclical industries, like travel and luxury clothing, will experience a decline.
  • Even when consumers tighten their budgets, there are some categories that just can’t be cut out completely.
  • Short-term rentals like Airbnb are popular, especially in times of inflation.
  • The investment strategies mentioned here may not be suitable for everyone.
  • With rising consumer demands, the alcoholic beverages market value is set to grow by over $390 billion from 2021 to 2026.

Duke’s utilities are no exception, acting as sole suppliers in most of their service territories. This results in a stable and predictable industry with a slow pace of change – all good things for dividend growth investors worried about the next economic slowdown. While consumers spend less during recessions, they still need a place to store their stuff. As long as people continue experiencing major life events such as an unexpected move or divorce, there will be demand for self-storage warehouses.

What is a Recession-Proof Portfolio?

Until the uncertainty clears, you’ll want to watch the signs intently and react with caution. The first signs of a recession for your business will probably be lower orders. A period of uncertainty almost always precedes a recession, and so your customers will be wary of buying more goods and services than they need. They’ll be less willing to sign long-term contracts and more likely to cancel existing orders.

What is a recession proof?

Recession proof refers to assets, companies, industries, or other entities that do not decline in value during a recession or decline less than the broader market.

However, it’s worth noting that freelancers do sometimes suffer during downturns in the economy. As contract workers, freelancers don’t have the same employment protections as full-time employees. During a recession, many businesses find they cannot survive under their existing operational structure.

Utilities: Protection

The best dividend stocks for recessions possess defensive qualities that appeal to conservative investors seeking safe income and capital preservation. Demand for Kimberly-Clark’s products remains fairly stable during recessions because there is not much discretionary use in categories such as diapers and toilet paper. While more consumers trade down when times get tough, Kimberly-Clark plays across all pricing tiers with value and premium offerings.

What industries are hit hardest by recession?

Goods or services with an elastic demand that either have many substitutes are are not seen as necessities suffer most during recessions.

It’s more expensive in the short term but will pay off in the long run when you have a loyal workforce who will stick with you through thick and thin — including during an economic crash. Instead of cutting corners with your employees, you can use a recession as a chance to find new talent and create a more productive workforce.

Bloomberg New Economy Forum: Lighting a Path Through the Storm

The automotive aftermarket business does well even in challenging times because people still have a need to repair their aging vehicles as they break down over time. High inflation does create a challenge given the number Recession-proof of raw materials PepsiCo needs to make its food and beverages. But the firm’s strong brands and dominant shelf space with retailers have helped PepsiCo raise prices to protect its margins and continue growing earnings.

There’s not much to say about water, electricity, and gas utilities — except we all need them all the time. While some comfort items and vices can do well in a recession, services that people need usually perform the best. That’s why utility services historically continue to do well, no matter the economic situation. Are you thinking of starting a small business — but don’t know if your business can weather an economic crisis? Whether we’re in an economic recession or not, you’ll want to consider your business industry — and if it’s recession proof. Yet no business leader wants to accrue short-term cost savings at the expense of long-term profitability, or jeopardize a business built to weather or outlast a looming economic storm. These “boom, bust” periods are cyclical—they come to pass after altering the landscape.