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Recruiting a CTO Co-Founder for Your Startup

Recruiting a CTO from The Startup Garage

Many technology based startups are founded by entrepreneurs without technical backgrounds. The tech companies that are successful, quickly realize the importance of bringing on a technical co-founder. The biggest mistake that a non-tech entrepreneur can make when launching a tech business is to neglect bringing on a tech savvy co-founder very early on. Otherwise, it […]

Artificial Intelligence: The Trend For Tech Startups

Artificial Intelligence From The Startup Garage

Looking to get funded in 2015? Why not add some elements of the “The Terminator” & “The Matrix” to your Startup Business model. Funding increased 302% for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Startups in 2014. Pouring in over $309.2 million in over 40 deals. That’s more than 20-fold in just 4 years from $14.9 million in 2010. […]