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How To Define a Small Business Vs. a High-Growth Startup

How To Define a Small Business Vs. a High-Growth Startup from The Startup Garage

Difference between a Small Business and a High-Growth Startup A startup business differs from a small business in one primary aspect: Growth. A startup company, also referred to as a high-growth startup, is a company with a business model that is designed to be repeatable and scalable. This is directly opposed to a small business […]

Startup Weekend San Diego Powered By Google for Entrepreneurs Kicks Off

Startup Weekend San Diego from The Startup Garage

Google, which began in a garage nearly two decades ago, celebrates the entrepreneur in all of us in community events throughout the world. The objective of these events is to encourage entrepreneurs to learn, connect, and create companies that will change the world. Today, Friday November 14 2014- Sunday Nov 17th is time for participants […]

How To “Winterize” Your Startup For Success

4 Tips To Get Your Startup Ready For Winter Startups businesses, just like automobiles, require winterization in order to keep running smooth and stealth during the cold months ahead. In this article, I’ll highlight the key components found in winterizing an automobile to help aid in Startup triumph. The Engine | The Motor of a […]