Rocket Growth in Venture Investment Activity for 2014

Rocket Growth in Venture Investment Activity for 2014 Look at the data, and you’ll go “Wow.” According to TechCrunch, Forbes and other sources venture capitalist investments are shooting through the roof. Investments in new startups rose to almost $6 billion, up from $3.5 billion for the same period last year. This could mean that venture […]

The Entrepreneurial Advisory Council

The Entrepreneurial Advisory Council hosted its first workshop. The event titled, “Making Your Startup Investor Friendly” took place on Wednesday, October 8th 2014 in San Diego, CA. The Entrepreneurial Advisory Council is a group of professionals that serve San Diego’s growing number of innovators, entrepreneurs, and startup businesses. The council’s expertise includes legal, financial, capital […]

What’s The Best VC Pitchdeck?

What’s The Best VC Pitchdeck? Don’t live your life impressing others. Live your life impressing yourself. The above is an interesting quote that relates to many aspects of life and business, especially when pitching your startup to the venture capitalists. The best pitch deck comes from the heart; it’s not one created for the benefit […]