How to Define Your Target Market

When it comes to defining your target market in the business plan you should have the following two questions in mind: Who is benefitting from the problem that my product/service solves? Am I demonstrating that a significant market opportunity exists for this product/service? Many entrepreneurs tend to focus on one of these questions but do […]

Shark Tank Hosts Open Casting Call In San Diego

Critically acclaimed business reality show, Shark Tank, attacks the shores of San Diego, Saturday June 7th for an open casting call. Do you think your startup has what it takes to swim with the Sharks?     Attend this rare casting call: SATURDAY, JUNE 7TH – SAN DIEGO COLEMAN UNIVERSITY 8888 Balboa Ave. San Diego, […]

Is San Diego Poised To Be The Next Silicon Valley?

Since the 1980’s Silicon Valley has dominated the startup scene, a place to call home to many of the world’s largest technology corporations, as well as thousands of small Startups. San Diego, although only a few hundred miles from the Silicon Valley, it is a vastly different world, full of sun, surf, and laid-back dispositions. […]

8 Tips that Could Get You That Venture Capitalist Job You Want

8 Tips that Could Get You That Venture Capitalist Job You Want Venture capitalists come in all types, but just why become one? What makes this type of investment interesting for so many people? Truth is most VCs are average, every day people. They have usually either been entrepreneurs themselves, or they were surrounded by […]

3 Best Kept Secrets about Venture Capital

Venture Capital (VC) firms evaluate countless pitches from ambitious startup founders. The stakes are high with entrusted money from a sophisticated collection of people and institutions. “No” is by far the more frequently used word. So what makes them say yes? — To a child, a magician is whimsical and beautiful, a mystical person that […]

7 Reasons Why Business Innovation Starts In A Garage

Wikipedia defines a garage as part of a home, or assembled building, designed or used for storing a vehicle or vehicles. A quick look around The Startup Garage headquarters in San Diego, and you’ll notice there are no vehicles or automobiles in sight. Inspired by to the founders of Google, Amazon, and Apple (and perhaps […]

How To Become A Venture Capitalist in 2014

So you’ve watched the show “Shark Tank” and think you have what it takes to be the next Kevin O’Leary, AKA Mr. Wonderful? On TV, the career of a venture capitalist appears to be easily obtainable and positively thrilling. Power, prestige, and autonomy are ready and waiting for those bold enough to step forward. In […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Pitching to a VC

Avoid the “How Embarrassing!” Moment No one wants to look dumb — especially while requesting a significant amount of money. As a growing business, it is important to have a firm grasp on the capital raising process — especially if your goal is expansion. The number one concept to understand about Venture Capital is that it is […]

What to Know about Venture Capital

What to Know about Venture Capital Venture Capital (VC) firms collect money from a collection of wealthy individuals, insurance companies, educational endowments and pension funds.1 These assets are allocated over a portfolio of stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. Typically between 5% — 10% are assigned to “Alternative Investments.” The alternative investments are the high-risk/high-reward class […]