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How Does the VC Funding Process Work?

How Does The Venture Capital Process Work from The Startup Garage

Venture capital is ideal for early-stage tech companies that have already acquired some seed capital, but are too small for a public offering. By the time you approach venture capitalists, you will have a working product and business model, a user base and market validation, all of your patents and legal requirements in place, as […]

What’s Your Offer?! That’s What an Angel Investor Wants to Know

Angel Investor Offer from The Startup Garage

What’s Your Offer?! That’s What an Angel Investor Wants to Know Once in a lifetime opportunities don’t come very often because they are just that, “once in a lifetime.” If you let your chance go, well, you may never have that chance again. Imagine if the Nobel Peace Prize winner, agronomist, Norman Bourlaug, hadn’t have […]

A Closer Look at AngelList

Close Up on Angel Investment from The Startup Garage

AngelList is a platform for startups that allows entrepreneurs to share their startup with potential investors. It provides entrepreneurs, advisors, and Angel investors a digital network to follow startup activity and quickly jump into investment deals with new companies. Entrepreneurs create a startup profile and pick which investors can see their startup, both of which […]

7 Angel Investors That Entrepreneurs Should Avoid

Angel Investors to Avoid from The Startup Garage

As eager as you may be to get your venture funded, some capital should just be avoided.   1. Angels Swimming in the Shark Tank While most Angel investors realize that there’s plenty of room for both the entrepreneur and the Angel to make plenty of money on a good deal, some investors use their […]

Business Loan or Angel Funding – Which is Best?

Angel Investor or Business Loan from The Startup Garage

When you buy a home or a car you head over to a bank or financial institution and ask for a loan. Generally, the process is really straightforward and takes anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks. But when you’re looking for funding for your new business, well, unfortunately, the process just isn’t […]

Crowdfunding Best Practices

Crowdfunding Best Practices from The Startup Garage

The execution of a crowdfunding campaign is challenging and time-consuming, but can be worth the effort. About 43% of Kickstarter campaigns meet their funding goals, and Indiegogo has a 20% campaign success rate. Whether you are going to launch a donation-based or equity-based crowdfunding initiative, here are some pointers on how to create an outstanding […]

7 More Phenomenal Tips to Run a Successful Crowdfunding Project

Crowdfunding Success TIps from The Startup Garage

Smarter is always better! Haven’t you heard the saying, “Work smarter, not harder.” That’s exactly what you to do when you start a crowdfunding project. You have to be smart in the way you go about it. Crowdfunding is the new funding model for startups, entrepreneurs, and sure why not, non-profit organizations. This can be […]