What Angels Look For In a Pitch Deck

What topics should I include in my pitch deck? Every pitch should be a clear, complete and simple story. It should have a beginning — the problem identified — and an end, how much money will be needed to solve it. Chances are there is a lot of information you want to share in between […]

How to Determine Your Startup’s Valuation for Investors

Startup Valuation One of the biggest questions from startups is, “How much money should I ask investors for?” What they should really be asking is, “What is my company’s valuation?” You must know how much your company is worth before asking for any amount of money. And when you do, you want to make sure […]

How to Pitch to Angel Investors

The Best Thing You Can Be When Raising Capital is Prepared You have finally set up that meeting with an angel investor and have everything prepared for your pitch. What do you do to make sure you hit your pitch out of the park and get a second meeting, and better yet, a check? Be […]

Resources to Find Angel Funding

Are you a first time entrepreneur and looking for angel funding for your startup? It can be tricky figuring out where to find the best investors. You may think that numbers and locations are the only thing to look out for, but in reality it is best to find the angel that fits you and […]

Angel Investors vs. Angel Groups

What is an angel investor? .It is a high net-worth individual who invests his or her own money directly into promising startup businesses in return for mostly equity share of the company. Angels are often former or current entrepreneurs themselves, as well as business professionals and corporate leaders. There are a few reasons why angels […]

The Company Milestones Angel Investors Care About

The most important principle of startup fundraising that every entrepreneur needs to know is: raise enough capital to achieve a set of milestones that will allow the company to attract the next round of investment. When raising pre-seed capital from friends, family, and founders (FFF) you’ll want to consider the milestones that Angel investors care […]

5 Tips to Appeal to Angel Investors

Often times, entrepreneurs get rejected from Angel after Angel because they neglect to understand the essential components that appeal to Angel investors. Regardless of how solid the product or service is, if an entrepreneur does not consider the following fundamentals, they’ll find it difficult to attract Angel investment: Type of industry Company’s stage of development […]

Time Spent Preparing To Raise Startup Funding [Infographic]

Since 2008, The Startup Garage Team has helped entrepreneurs achieve the milestones that investors evaluate by thoroughly preparing the business and investor documents. Our clients are typically the founders of high-growth companies in mobile, web, manufacturing, hardware and consumer brands. From their experiences, we aggregated the amount of preparation time it takes for a founder […]

San Diego Startup Spotlight: Breadcrumbs

The San Diego startup ecosystem is growing, along with the resources available to entrepreneurs. Mentor programs, co-working spaces and meetup events over the past few years have increased at an exciting rate. The Startup Garage is going to cover monthly startup events and interview entrepreneurs to showcase the exceptional talent in our local area. Unless […]

Free eBook: Raising Capital From Friends, Family & Founders

Download the Capital Raising Guide for startups. This overviews best practices for raising money from the first people you go to — your family, friends & founders. Dealing with money in personal relationships can get a bit tricky. Raising Capital From Friends, Family & Founders will cover fundamental concepts, legal issues and material you’ll need. […]