Top 10 Riskiest Industries

Every business in every industry assumes a certain level of risk.  Furthermore, every business’ fate depends on several internal and external factors and the operators ability to manage their risk and adapt to the future.  In any industry, the companies that succeed are those that can identify trends – be them positive or negative – […]

Mobile is Transforming Consumer Retail Behavior

Multi-Device Retail Preference Multi-device usage is quickly becoming the norm in consumer behavior.  Consumers will research a product on their phone or iPad, test the product in a brick-and-mortar store, and go home to purchase the product online from their laptop computer.  While this shift to multi-device usage can make it difficult for marketers to […]

Submitting a Request for Proposal to a Web Developer

If you decide to outsource your website/mobile development to a third-party service provider you will want to put together a Request for Proposal (RFP) with your CTO before approaching potential vendors.  An RFP is a document that provides the information that a developer would need in order to provide you with a proposal for the […]

A Tech Company without a CTO is like a Bakery without a Chef

Every Tech Startup Needs a Chief Technical Officer Many entrepreneurs of successful tech-based companies do not come from tech backgrounds.  However, the biggest mistake that a non-tech entrepreneur launching a tech business is to neglect bringing on a tech savvy co-founder on the management team.  This is like a bakery or restaurant launching without a […]

Pricing Strategies Than Can Improve Sales

The Right Price Can Make a Big Difference Using smart pricing strategies can make a big difference to your sales and help you succeed in a competitive marketplace.  Each product and service is unique and therefore what works for some companies may not work for others.  Nonetheless, the strategies outlined below may be a good […]

Angel Investment Trends in Q1 2013

Angel Investor Valuations Remain Strong Angel investor median deal sizes increased as valuations remained strong in the first quarter of 2013.  The majority of deals went to healthcare, mobile and internet startups.  Highlights from angel investing in the last quarter include: The median angel deal size for Q1 2013 reached $680K – up 5% since […]

Seed VC Funding in Silicon Valley On The Rise

Seed VC Funding in Bay Area on Pace for Record Year Seed funding in the San Francisco area appears to be on pace for another record year.  Seed deals in 2013 have seen a massive push towards the mobile sector with a contraction to the online sector.  Seed funding to both San Francisco and Silicon […]