I Have a Great Idea, What’s Next

You have a great idea and want to start a business, so now what? One step I like to recommend to new entrepreneurs is that you start with a self assessment. The idea is for you to learn more about yourself, your personal and financial goals and how committed you are to getting your business […]

Most Common Mistakes When Writing a Business Plan

If you are reading this blog, it is likely because you have written or you are in the process or writing your business plan and you want to know if it is up to snuff! We’ve compiled the 7 most common mistakes that we have encountered in the hundreds of business plans that we have […]

Social Media for Startups

The global social media frenzy continues to gain momentum each and every day. The impact that social media popularity has had on the business world is immense.  Most startups and existing companies can no longer justify staying away from the trend because the benefits are too many. We will discuss these benefits and provide some […]